iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad firmware direct download locations

01 May 2009

If you need up jailbreak or unlock your iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad or reinstall your software, you'll need to download the latest device firmware bundles (.ipsw files) using one of the methods below.

You can let iTunes download the firmware but stop the process before it starts installing, then retrieve the IPSW (firmware) files from your "~/Library/iTunes/Device Support" folder. Alternatively, these two very useful websites will let you download most versions of the firmware (in addition to the firmware for other iPod models):

iClarified (iPod Touch)

iClarified (iPhone)

iClarified (iPad)

Felix Bruns' Website (iPod Touch, iPhone, and other iPod models)

If you're going to jailbreak or unlock your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad the best software to use is PwnageTool. This package is developed by a group called the iPhone Dev Team, and most other software-based jailbreaking / unlocking systems use their methods and code core.

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