Looking for Microsoft Excel templates to improve your project management process? Use a task management template for MS Excel to streamline job assignments. Anytime you can send “excel homework help” request to professionals and experts.

Using Microsoft Excel templates for project management tasks helps project managers organize the deliverables due from each working group, and track progress as it occurs. Even a small project is complex, but breaking the project down into numerous smaller tasks makes it more manageable. Track each task, and remain on schedule, by using an MS Excel task planning template.

Task Management Tools

Task management tools include expensive software programs and complex spreadsheets. This MS Excel spreadsheet for task management, however, is very simple to use and compatible with virtually any task list. To use this tool, simply download and open the spreadsheet, and populate the fields that pertain to each set of tasks.

  • Software Compatibility: The above spreadsheet is fully compatible with Microsoft Excel 2017 or any later edition. Data within the spreadsheet may be accessible using an earlier version of MS Excel, but the formatting may be affected, depending on the version.
  • Terms and Conditions: Microsoft requires acceptance of the MS Terms and Conditions prior to the download of a template from the Microsoft Template Gallery. A good rule of thumb: Always read terms of use carefully before accepting, to prevent future confusion or conflict.
  • Template File Size: The downloaded template uses 156KB of space, and can be saved on a mobile storage device, such as a thumb drive, for use on multiple computers.
  • Task Management Template Use: Open MS Excel, then find and open the template file. Customize the template for each project by adding all tasks associated with the project, and entering the names of individuals or group designations next to each task as they are assigned.
  • Project Tracking Lists: Project tracking and task management can be difficult, even with a small project. Often, each task depends on other tasks for completion, which causes conflicts if any of the tasks fall behind schedule. Use the template to keep an eye on tasks by priority, to prevent these conflicts.

Microsoft Excel Templates for Project Management

Using an Excel spreadsheet template for project management allows project stakeholders to consolidate all project tracking information in one location, and even break out individual areas for closer monitoring if necessary. Since the success of a project often depends on the timeliness of results, use careful oversight, scheduling and resource management, in conjunction with customized task management templates, to keep all project tasks moving on schedule.

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